Friday, December 24, 2010

Have I told you I’m obssesed with GetGlue lately? Lol!.. Well I am.. and I just found out how to get my favorite show True Blood Stickers! If you’re a huge fan like me.. well.. follow my lead :)

First thing’s first.. go and search out anything on True Blood on GetGLue and like them all and I mean EVERYTHING even on Sookie Stakehouse. Then start checking in with the following phases..

First time check in and you’ll get this sticker

Check in 5 Times and earn this sticker

Check in 15 times and be A Maker

Sign in with: I love Eric & Pam! or I love Jessica and Hoyt together!

Sign in using the following phase: I love Lafayette! Ring ring hookah ring ring

This one is automatically given to you once you liked EVERYTHING True Blood and I mean EVERYTHING!


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