Wednesday, December 08, 2010

As you must know from the lack of update on my blogs and twitter account, that I am away from home and without my laptop Miss Fly no less. I was hoping my G8 phone would be able to let me go online in Singapore but alas I was not able to get it to connect even after entering all the correct information.. so I resorted to plan B which was to try to see if my ever loyal Sony Ericsson K850i phone could the job and you know what.. I’m in love with it again because as of last night I was able to access my Gmail, update twitter and even check facebook.. though of course my online activities are limited because of the limitation of mobile phone surfing and because I’m so used to Qwerty pad and my SE don’t have that :(

However.. I’m still a happy camper as I’m still able to access my email and still be in contact with my clients until I return this weekend :)

In the meantime, am having a fantastic time here shopping (everything here is on sale that if I had a room of my own I would have already have furnished it with modern office furniture .. lol), eating (oopss) and spending time with mommy.

See you all soon.. miss me much?


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