Friday, January 14, 2011

I took the usual coach back to Singapore on 10th January. It was a full ride and we left on time. As usual, since it’s a non-stop coach, I set myself up for a nice nap. I got my Pashmina out, pull the curtains and shut my eyes. I woke up to the sound of something banging about 2hours later. Then the coach moved to the side, the engine stopped and both drivers left the coach. Everyone, who was asleep then woke up too and some even left the coach to see what was the matter. It seemed like we were waiting forever. If jewelry making was my hobby and I had some jewelry making tools, I think I could have come up with something nice already.

After about 45minutes, the drivers decided that it was time to start putting the passengers on another coach. Apparently there was something wrong with the radiator and they could not do anything to it.


Some other coaches stopped after being hailed by the drivers but most of them had only Johor as their final destination. So we had to wait about 20minutes or so when finally another coach heading to Singapore stopped. However, even then it could only take half of the passengers and me travelling single managed to secure a seat. The plus side was that the other coach had more comfortable seats and in-coach entertainment. A blessing in disguise indeed!


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