Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Saturday is a “No-Plastic” day in most supermarkets here in Kuala Lumpur.. or..wait.. is it Selangor? I always get confuse between these two although I’ve been living here in Malaysia for 10years.. simply because I can be considered as living in both areas.

Last Saturday also happened be our grocery shopping day and thank goodness we brought our own shopping bag as each plastic bag that the supermarket issued out would have cost us 20cents extra. That might seemed like a small amount to pay for one bag but imagine if you have 10bags! That is easily RM2 of unnecessary charge.


Guess, which one she bought? lol!

Anyway, there was a lady that was buying a sexy lingerie and forgot to bring her own shopping bag,  She made a big scene as she had to pay for the additional 20cents. Because of that everyone looked and because of the item that she was buying, people started whispering all around. Narrow minded, yes, and totally unnecessary. If I were her, I would have just paid the 20cents or just stuff the item in my handbag after paying the bill. Some people!


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