Saturday, February 12, 2011

climb stairsOne of the hassle of living in a high rise is when the mode of transportation that brings you from the ground floor to your floor fails. Yeap, I was referring to the lift or as some people might call it, elevator.

When we left to go grocery shopping yesterday, it was working just fine but when we return a few hours later, we found the lift lobby empty, which was a tad bit strange. Then only we found that the lift stopped working just after we left. So needless to say, we just grabbed our perishable stuff, and started climbing the flights of stairs to the 6th floor. Phew. that was some exercise. I feel healthy already.. lol!

Anyway, if we had known that was going to happened, we could have made a detour to town and grab that xerox phaser 8560 ink for A’s client because by evening the lift was alright again and we would not even had known it was not working in the first place.


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