Sunday, February 06, 2011

I was on the verge of logging out from my email account and retiring for the night when I got an urgent email from my US client. It seems her web-hosting company had suspended her account and her website has lost all images!

I instantly perked up again and over the next seven hours or so, set about to re-host all her images with another provider temporarily. If stress is any kind of fat burner, I think I lost 5kilos last night.. lol!…Her e-commerce site is up again for now but I am worried that the temporary image hosting site might suspend the account due to excessive use of bandwidth.

Now I am looking for an image hosting plan that is economical, reliable and most of all considerate enough to not just shut down an account without warning! The reason for the suspension was:

Suspension Reason: Using service for file hosting purposes

I have never heard of such a thing. Have you? Here’s the scenario:

exhausted1. Client is publishing own domain ( site with an ecommerce site

2. Client has another web-hosting with another provider with another domain name (

3. Client host banner images at, grabbed link and publish at

4. Web hosting company suspend client after 4months use and till now still no response to client’s email

5. LJ lost sleep last night :(

Anyway, my question is this.. anyone knows of any good hosting provider that provides image hosting. I am now only understanding that web hosting and image hosting are two separate things :(


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