Sunday, March 13, 2011

repair carSo, Azwaj’s car finally made it to the auto repair shop after being dormant for almost a year. You would think that we needed to send it to Los Angeles auto repair center by the hassle to make the repair happened. The problem that Azwaj had was that his car is a “Citroen” and not many auto repair shop actually have the expertise to repair such a car here in Malaysia. I mean if it were a Japanese car like Honda Civic or Toyota, it would have been easier to locate a repair shop for sure. He could have send it to any shop for that matter but they would have done more damage than good and in the end it would have cost Azwaj a lot more money.

Anyway, I don’t know what actually needed to be replaced or repaired. I just heard strange words and terms like head gasket, absorbers, timing belt, engine oil, radiators and what not. What I do know, however,  is that it cost Azwaj a lot of money.  Sigh…


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