Wednesday, March 09, 2011

GratitudeMy birthday came and my birthday went and it was an awesome one for sure. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary but it was special all the same simply because I spent it with Azwaj and the fur-kids. My tummy ache also decided that it had enough of a rumble and behaved enough so that I can once again enjoyed spicy food and dairy products and that of course include our latest crave, the chocolate lava cake from Secret Recipe.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the massive birthday shoutouts from friends and relatives over at  facebook, twitter email and sms. Gratitude goes to Mariuca, Bella, Monica, Bill,  and Ane for such awesome birthday post,  Shemah for the wonderful sms, K.Lin, Ayeesha, Kak Maz and the rest that are too many to mention here. It feels so good to be loved, appreciated and remembered on my special day!



First Two Commenter Gets FCSB Point from LadyJava.
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