Thursday, April 21, 2011

stock-vector-couple-woman-with-cold-31997614This is the household of sick people. Yeap, you can see it by the look of the full double bowl sinks that is filled with unwashed plates from yesterday’s dinner and the messiness of the household in general. Yeap.. I repeat, this is the household of sick people.. so stay away…lol..

The flu has strike both me and Azwaj. He got it first with coughing and the likes and seeing how this is a sick year so far me, naturally I got it too :(

It started with a mild headache and cold for me and it graduated to a full fever and sore throat. Though much better than when it first struck, the both of us are still very much sniffling and coughing in each other’s face.. hahahahha…

I just hope the kitties won’t get it :(


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