Sunday, April 24, 2011

It was like a fire pit a few weeks ago here at my apartment. It was hot and it was stuffy and the aircon was blasting away. So the rain these days was a welcome change. The air felt fresh again and even the kitties are grooming less nowadays.

Anyway, am taking it easy these days and I am taking this resting period to catch up on my Bold and Beautiful episodes and a brand new series call Drop Dead Diva that my BFF, Mariuca, recommended the other day. She told me that I would love it and she was right! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.. it’s funny, it’s romantic and definitely my cup of tea with all the weird court cases that was presented. I always loved Ally McBeal and this is similar in some ways.

Thanks GP for recommending it!! You know me so well!


Have you guys watched it yet?


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