Wednesday, May 04, 2011

When I got to know about the Pasar Rakyat Bus Terminal two years back, I must have been one of the happiest person in KL that day. I’ve always hated the jam going to Puduraya and I hate that the place had such a sombre ambiance. It was always so dark, with lots of people and the the coaches doesn’t seem to understand the sign boards that says they were supposed to switch off their engine while waiting for passengers. It was the total opposite at Pasar Rakyat Terminal and I loved that now when my mom comes over, I can be assured that she will alight at the terminal and not “closeby” or “opposite” the station like what normally happens at Puduraya.

Anyway, today must be my most dreaded day because when we arrived at the Pasar Rakyat Bus Terminal at Jalan Imbi, the place was totally deserted! The ticket booths were closed and the parking lots had been dugged out!

Pasar Rakyat Bus Terminal has been permanently closed!



empty bus station

empty bus station


ticket booth

Yeap, put on your reading glasses because it’s true!  From 1st May the place is totally shutdown… and I have not idea where to get my coach ticket for my trip this Friday! There was a relocation map but it was only for one of the coach company and since I don’t want to pay like RM70 for my ticket, we decided to head on over to Puduraya. Yikes right?

… however… Puduraya apparently had a facelift and it was nothing like what it used to be… but that is a whole post by itself..

Anyway, after checking out the ticket booth, I found out that most the coaches there only travel domestically. I can still buy the ticket there but the departure point will be at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan-Bandar Tasik Selatan. O.M.G! We have no idea where this is.. but all I know is that it’s much further than Imbi Road!

So now I am checking out some coaches company online. Hopefully I can secure a coach seat otherwise I’m dead as the Election is on Saturday!


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