Friday, May 20, 2011

Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Cast

Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Cast

Bring out the montecristo cigars coz I’m celebrating season 8 of  my fav tv show Grey’s Anatomy.

I just finished watching the season 7 finale of Grey’s Anatomy, fully anticipating it to the series finale but what I saw was a complete cliffhanger. Totally dissatisfied if it was indeed a series finale, I goggled and found out that it has been picked up for season 8! Yeay!! I read some reviews that people were not satisfied over the way Shonda Rhimes ended the season but I think it was great.

Not going into too much spoiler, I’m sure Derek will come to his senses, Christina will have a change of heart. Lexie will realise who her true love is and Meredith will simply just evolve to the next phase in her life.

Have you watched it yet?


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