Friday, May 27, 2011

massaging chair

Getting My Massage on the Coach

Gonna be one busy bee this month with checkup and pre-ops and my surgery on the 16th. I will be travelling like mad to and fro to Singapore. Many asked why not just do the surgery in Malaysia and avoid all this travelling hassle but let me tell you this.. (and this is not to offend any doctors here in Malaysia) I just feel like the doctors in Singapore care and listen a lot more. They are not obsessed with things that are not in my mind but instead addressed the issues that I AM worried about. And although I went in with the referral by our polyclinic, which means I am on subsidized rates, I don’t feel like they are giving me second class treatment or second class service. They treat everyone the same and money is not the issue.


So while I have to put my vacation and those hot tub covers on hold for a while, I am just glad that once this is all over, I have something great to look forward to.


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