Friday, May 06, 2011

I am so gonna sleep my way to Singapore later today on my coach. It’s 5.30am now and I am not sleeping coz I still have work to do and some pasta dish to prepare for Azwaj. I may need to take some pre workout supplements as I need the extra energy to lug my luggage and my laptop bag especially since I’ve been up since 11am yesterday.

So, we checked out the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan yesterday and it was super awesome. I would love it more if it was nearer to my home but I guess that’s life right? Anyway, check out the pictures below and check out it’s awesomeness. Well done Malaysia!

sheltered bridge good signage colorful taxis

departure and arrival signs eticketing booth ample parking


After all this awesomeness, I still decided to just catch the coach leaving from Times Square. It’s nearer and definitely less traffic than the highway on MRR2!

See you guys in Singapore!


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