Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yeay.. I’m home from my surgery!!.. Suppose to be back yesterday but due to the fever that I had the night before the doctors wanted to put me under observation just in case. Anyway, my fever subsided and so here I am home. Home sweet home.

The stay at the hospital was really nice despite the fact I didn’t get the room I requested. The ward was spacious and well ventilated and it didn’t feel stuffy or uncomfortable at all although there were six of us in one ward. The bed was comfortable and most importantly there were no bed bugs. The hospital must be on effective pest control or using Ortho Home Defense Max BEDBUG Killer as there as no signs of other bugs too. Oh ya, when I arrived and just before I left the nurses also took swap of my nostril, underarm and in between my groin. When I asked them what the swap was for, the nurses told me it was to make sure I was not bringing in or out any germs from the hospital. Good practise indeed.

Anyway, back to the bed bugs, watch the video below should you want to know more about bed bugs or if you want tips on how to check if your bed has this offensive pest.

A growing pest problem, bed bugs are creepy, crawly and hard to kill.


LJ is back people!!


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