Friday, June 10, 2011

It’s no big secret that I am 42 this year. I think the reason why I am not worried about people knowing my age is because to me it’s just a number and most importantly is that I am always 21 at heart. After all I think I have a few good years before I have to really find out things like what is human growth hormone?…. lol!! Anyway according to this “How Old is My Body” quiz from Blogthings, my body is only 37years old so I reckon that is not a bad number at all.

Your Body is 37 Years Old

Your body is younger than it should be. Congratulations!You’re taking good care of yourself, and it’s definitely paying off. 

Whether it’s by accident or by choice, you’re living a very healthy lifestyle.

Keep it up, and you’re likely to live a long, vibrant life.




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