Thursday, June 09, 2011

silver ringMy mom will not be caught dead wearing silver jewellery. She grew up in a time when gold and diamond is the jewelry of choice and anything other than that is not acceptable. It’s not wrong of course coz everyone have their own preferences. For me, however.. I wear everything, from gold to diamond and silver to platinum, as long as they look good on me, I put them on. I also suit them to what occasion, event and outfit I’ll be wearing. Of course there are times I don’t even wear one piece of jewelry as what I was wearing (clothes) was statement enough.. lol!

The last pieces of silver jewellery that I bought were two silver bracelets that I found on my last trip back home. They were so pretty and on sale that it was almost sinful to not buy them. I would have bought silver chains too to but decided against it when something else caught my eye.. hehe..

Silver braceletAnyway, caring for silver jewellery is not as easy as gold. With my gold jewellery, I can just put them in my jewellery case and forget about them and a year later I will still see them in the same condition as before. With silver, you need to make sure you store them correctly as oxidation can cause them to tarnish. One way to avoid that is to wear them often and you may even end up with a lovely patina  but then if you’re like me, you like to match your jewellery with what you are wearing so that might mean you won’t wear them as much as you like to. One way to avoid tarnish would also be to invest in a “tarnish-free” jewellery box as well and remember  to store silver jewellery in their own containers to avoid scratches. You would also do well to remember to remove any silver jewellery you have on if you intend to jump into a mineral spa or risk that previous jewellery turning black when you leave the spa.

Silver is also used to celebrate 25th anniversary much like aluminium is used for 10th anniversary and gold is used to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Lots of couples mark their Silver Jubilee milestone marriage with gifts made from silver and shower their loved ones with all that  radiance and brilliance.

Stunning Silver, treated right, can last for a very long time. Do you have any silver jewellery. How long has yours lasted?


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