Saturday, July 30, 2011

We wake up and no unifi service again. This is the second time this is happening this month and it sure is frustrating. So we went through the motion of calling and waiting for someone to attend to us. Long story short and RM11 poorer from my prepaid balance a report number was issued.

A few hours later Unifi’s coordinator called only to let us know that the earliest they can send someone to attend to our case was Thursday. Freaking five days away!!!! My work is all done online and to have that much time without internet connection is absolute madness!

I could feel my body shivering with anger and the guy at the end of the line got a tirade of angry words for sure. I told him I dont care if they have to cancel any new cutomer’s installation but they better send someone on Monday to get my line back again. Heck  I was willing to talk to his supervisor if that would get the ball rolling.

Anyway, after making my point across he promised to call me Sunday to let me know the status.

One thing is for sure, someone will pay if I don’t get my connection soon. I’m a active net citizen. Don’t mess with me.

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