Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I should seriously be working but I guess I can always multitask right? So.. while waiting for my clients to return to me with inputs, I am getting addicted to my own online boutique game call Fashion Story, where I can get experience in owning my own fashion house, just like my fav soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful”.

I have my BFF GP to thank for this game. I saw her updating her facebook status that she was on level 9 of this game and I searched out to see if the game was on Android platform and yeay.. it was! So now I am busy stocking up my boutique with the latest fashion. Too bad they don’t have maternity clothes in their inventory otherwise how cute would it be to see preggers mom on my phone!

Anyways.. now I’m neighbours with both GP and Ane and we are having fun, exchanging gifts and visiting each other! If you are playing the game too, add me up. My storm id is ljcreations. See Ya!


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