Saturday, August 06, 2011

I’ve always loved learning new stuff and with the internet these days, that is made so much easier. Anything and everything is just a click away and if you know what to look for, chances are you’ll find it. For most people these days, “Goggling” is a verb and with this newly created verb, the world of learning is at your fingertips at the comfort of your own home.

Having said that,  one day when I have time to spare, I would love to take up Online Courses . Perhaps even get an online degree programs in web designs. I learned everything I know from the web so to get some formal structured education in that field would be simply awesome. I learn and pick up website design knowledge on a  need to know basis so with a structure education, I get to know stuff that I don’t need at the moment but might in the future right?

Anyway, if you are interested to pursue online courses one day and need to check out some colleges, head on to and find out what they have to offer.

My primary school slogan was “Knowledge is Power” and oh how so true!


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