Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We just got our monthly bill for our credit card and along with the bill, as usual, the bank always include recent pamphlets that contains offers if we were to use the card. Well, one of the offers was for a discounted rate at our dream vacation spot. However, the offer is only valid till December 2011 and seeing how it is raining everywhere in Malaysia, it does not seem like the perfect time to go. After all I don’t think I would be soaking in the private pool if it is was raining or if the weather was cold :(

We are definitely planning a vacation soon, if not this year then early next year. I am seriously in need of some of vacation time. Perhaps I can even get A to rent a rv and get some rv insurance or something and drive down to the east coast once the raining season is over. I heard the drive is awesome!


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