Friday, January 20, 2012

Last month, while paying my full balance amount on my Maybank credit card via online banking, I accidentally missed out RM0.09 from the balance. I only realised it after I printed out my payment receipt. There were two things I can do. One is to pay off the RM0.09 and also incur the additional RM1.50 imposed by my bank or two, try to call Maybank and see if they write off the RM0.09 from my balance.

bankingSo I waited for the payment to clear and called them a week later. However, I was told by the customer service that writing off the RM0.09 would not be possible at all citing some reason which was totally stupid to me. I mean I know I am just a small fish but still I’m still a customer fish, all the same. I was in awe, to say the least. I mean Maybank is willing to potentially lose a customer over RM0.09. When I wanted to speak to someone more senior, she said I could email to them and see if there is anything that can be done. So I did. That was on 5th January but till now I, not only didn’t get a reply email on the status, I also did not receive any acknowledgement.

Today I checked my statement and saw that damn RM0.09 balance still there and I’m sure if I don’t pay them by the due date, 2nd Feb, Maybank will slap me with a late charge that will cost me more than actual balance. Unbelievable right?

Oh well, I guess my RM0.09 is paying someone’s salary over there right?


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