Thursday, February 16, 2012

One of the things I love is a brightly lit room. I can’t stand dark room as it makes the room feel so stuffy and small. So if you look at my work area, you’ll find wall lighting on the wall in front of me as well as a make shift fluorescent light that Azwaj placed on the filing cabinet behind me. I also have a standby desk lamp beside me in case I need the extra lighting when I do my graphics work.

outdoor lightAnyway, talking about lighting, we’ve been having a little lighting problem in our home. First, we need to get a replacement sensor lights for the kitty room as the last one that we used is no longer working. The kitties don’t really mind being in the dark but it makes it difficult for me to peep in the room in the middle of the night to see what they are doing.. lol! Perhaps we should consider one of those outdoor wall sconces to place permanently in the kitty room. I’m not sure if we can use of those energy saving bulbs in them but am sure we can find one that will suit our purpose.

Another area that we need to check the lighting on is the kitchen. We have two sets of lightings in there right now but one of them is misbehaving. Azwaj tried changing the fuse and the bulb but it keeps  flickering on and off intermittently each time I am in the kitchen. I feel like I’m in a discotheque or something.. lol.

Have a great Friday all!



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