Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I’ve recently joined Pinterest and it sets me thinking that this is an avenue to bring in traffic to my blogs. I mean I pin a nice picture of my cats and it automatically link to the post. So assuming the picture is cute enough or nice enough, people following me might be prompted to click and visit my blog :)

How to use Pinterest for BusinessThen it sets me thinking how I can actually use Pinterest for Business. I mean if you are a graphic designer for instance, you can easily create a portfolio by pinning your own work and linking them to your ecommerce site, your website or even your blog. To find out more, I’ve downloaded this free ebook called “How to use Pinterest for Business“. It basically tells me:

  • How Pinterest works and top reasons you should be using it
  • How to create a Pinterest account and grow followers
  • How B2B companies use Pinterest for lead generation
  • How eCommerce companies use Pinterest to increase retail sales
  • Examples of how real-life businesses leverage Pinterest for growth
So if you are interested to get your own copy, here’s the link to download the book. Enjoy!
PS: If you are pinning, follow me here or let me know if you need an invite :)


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