Wednesday, March 07, 2012

When I look at all the junk food in my kitchen cabinet, sometimes I wonder why I am complaining so much about my weight gain. After all you are what you eat right and if that sentiment is anything go by, then I am definitely symbolic of all those potato chips, chocolate bars and sweet desserts found in my kitchen cabinet. Sigh..But then again what is a girl to eat in the middle of the night when she’s working on websites and doing her graphics works.. after all she needs the energy.. (excuses..excuses.. lol!)

Anyway, I should buy healthier food to snack on when I visit the grocery store tomorrow. I mean there must be alternatives that can boost energy and satisfy my sweet tooth somewhere out there. Perhaps I should look into organic food as alternatives too. After all if I’m trying to eat healthy, organic food must just do the trick.

Speaking of organic food, did you guys know that there is such a thing as organic clothing? Well, apparently there is and it is not that expensive either as what I can see from the site that I visited. It seems organic clothing are made using products obtained from organic agriculture such as organic cotton, organic wool, organic silk or organic jute and are free from any type of chemicals (such as pesticides), or genetically modified seeds.  I have yet to own any clothing made from these products but may very consider it in the future or since I am visiting a friend who has just given birth, organic baby clothes  may just be the ideal gift for the new bundle of joy.

Anyway, since health is the topic of the day (or is it night?) I need my sleep now. Have an early day tomorrow and hopefully 4hours of  power sleep will be sufficient enough for me to stay awake all day later..

Have a fantastic Wednesday all!


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