Sunday, March 04, 2012

In my younger days, whenever I go for grocery shopping, I would start from the first aisle right up to the last aisle checking out all the new stuff on the shelves. Never one to write out a shopping list, this is not only time consuming (though I enjoyed it) but also a potential hazard to the wallet for sure. That time I was pretty naive in the saving money department and tips to save on groceries shopping was something that fell on deaf years.

shoppingFast forward ten years (or is it 20years later), I am more aware towards the need to save money for rainy days. I am now sporting a shopping list and no more loitering from aisle to aisle especially with Azwaj in tow. Armed with my phone (coz that’s where my shopping list is) and a trolley, both me and Azwaj would straight head to the first item on our list and work our way down the list. Only on rare occasion do we actually check out some new items (probably because we saw the advertisement) on shelves that is not on our list.

I reckon to save more money while grocery shopping, we can actually look into coupons too. Some local supermarket do sometimes send out mailers and even coupons booklets that highlights their promotion items and offers. The only thing with these coupons is that there is possible lure to buy items you don’t need just because they are on offers and/or purchase more because they are offering a fourth item free with three purchases for instance.

Whatever it is, I am definitely more mature and aware in the saving money department. After all when I save money on things I don’t need, I have more to spend money on things that I do need.. lol!


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