Tuesday, April 10, 2012

phoneI am in the market for my new mobile phone. My very loved Sony Ericcson phone that I’ve been using for over three years now is starting to show signs of aging. Sometimes it hangs and and screen just freezes and the only way to get out of that situation is to restart the phone. It is really inconvenient since most time when I do use the phone I am travelling.

Since a lot of my friends are using the iPhone, I’ve been looking at some unlocked iphones just to see if there is something in the phone I might like there. I mean it is such a popular phone (everyone seems to have one) that I can’t help but wonder how much feature is packed into it and if it really the better choice and value for money.

At the moment,  however, I am leaning towards either a phone with two SIMS card that can run simultaneously (like the old phone I have)  or more likely towards another cheaper and economical android phone can supports hot-spot feature and teetering. This new phone would be for my Singapore mobile number and since it will like a “modem” for my laptap as well when I am in Singapore, I think internet connectivity is key.

Anyhow it’s another day and still no call from hospital (yeay)… though my cyst is acting up I think because I am experiencing pain these past few days. Not sure what is happening. Just hope it’s not twisted or rupture as the doctor fear.


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