Friday, June 15, 2012

On my last meetup with my girlfriends, one of them related a psychic reading that really impressed her. Nevermind what was read about her future, it was her past reading that really impressed her about this psychic. Apparently upon just looking at a piece of jewelry, he could tell it’s whole history. History like who it originally belonged to, how it came to my friend’s possession and even that it was once lost and then found. She was even more impressed as she herself has forgotten about that event.

I have never had a an opportunity to ever meet up with a psychic before but from watching tv shows like “Charmed”, “The Haunting” and other shows that I can’t recall right now, I know that they have God given power to not only see the past but also the future. Because of this, sometimes I am actually scared to meet up with one. Ever heard of the saying “Ignorance is Bliss”. Well sometimes that is the

Having said that, I won’t seek out a psychic purposely to get a reading but if one were to come within my circle of acquaintance or friend, I think I will be open to a personal reading. What about you? Are you reading to know what the future holds for you or are you already a psychic yourself?

Check out my result and do the test yourself to find out :)

You Are 40% Psychic

You are barely psychic.
But sometimes you have an uncanny way of predicting the future.

Is it a matter of luck? Or is it something more?

Pay closer attention to your first intuitions.

You may be more psychic than you know!


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