Friday, June 22, 2012

I love my gadgets. Call me a geek but whenever I get any new gadget, I would explore all it’s features and test each one to make sure I totally utilize it. I also use my gadgets for all sorts of purpose, from the usual task of checking email, Facebook and Twitter updates, I also I use it to watch movies and tv series whenever I am on my five hour bus ride back to my homeland. As you can imagine, my battery juice runs out quite fast so I am looking for some kind of phone Accessories that can help me with this.

universal power bankWell, I found this baby on Groupon for RM145. A 12,800mAh Dual-charging Universal Power Bank with 8 Adaptor Pins. Talk about power on the go right? I haven’t quite bought it but am looking around to see what else is there in the market. Super awesome!

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