Friday, October 19, 2012

john cena is not dead

I was scrolling down my facebook timeline when I saw a shocking status from a friend of mine. It says “World renowned wrestler John Cena has died as a result of a head injury suffered while attempting a stunt with Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock”.  I’ve always enjoyed wrestling and Jhon Cena is one awesome wrestler. Of course I immediately Googled to see if the news was true (and finding some awesome adidas wrestling shoes along the way” but apparently the news was a hoax. So… John Cena is NOT dead people.

This kind of fake rumors are not uncommon in the celebrity world, however, the one (circulated in Facebook) had a link which lead to a Facebook app. Who knows what awaits the unsuspecting social media customers who were eager to find out more about the news. I actually clicked on the link myself but seeing it was an apps, I quickly exit and look for other way to verify the news.

Did anyone install the Facebook app? What happened?



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