Thursday, January 10, 2013

I’ve been sick ever since I got back from Singapore and after a week of being sick and getting Azwaj infected with the bug  too, I think the flu germs are almost leaving us both. If normally you don’t see Azwaj going to the clinic to get meds, this time around he volunteered to see the doctor to get some antibiotics.

slippersWe have both completed our rounds of fever, cold, cough and antibiotics meds and you don’t see us bundled up like we were living in the north pole anymore and also no more dragging our feet in our open toe house slippers. In fact, I had dumped both our sweaters in the washing machine for washing. Was thinking of using hot water to kill the germs but then again not sure if the machine support hot water.

Anyway, while we both out, the kitties didn’t leave the kitty room at ALL. They were meowing away, of course, but we didn’t want to risk spreading the germs to them and getting them sick along with us. So you can just imagine their joy when they were let out yesterday and both me and Azwaj decided to just hang around with them in front of the tv last night. It was like they have not seen us in years.. lol!

It feels good to be healthy again and each time I fall sick, I thank God for the making me well again. We, Muslim, believe that sickness is an expiation of sin and what a great way it is to start the new year!


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