Saturday, January 19, 2013

I’ve always love to have carpet in my home. I think it adds a warmness to a room and adds character to plain flooring. I don’t even mind that we have to do upholstery cleaning every other year to keep the carpets clean and fluffy. However since we are paw parents to nine (yeap at last count) furkids, it has become impossible to have carpets in the living room. I mean I don’t mind the vacumming and all since vacumming happens to be one of my fav chores, but it’s the vomitting or the peeing that I can’t handle. Yeap kitties sometimes misbehave for whatever reasons and sometimes they do pee on on places that they are not supposed to like the carpets for instance.

Pet pee is one of the most difficult things to clean and even if you get the smell out, cats have very sharp sense of smell and because of that they may still pee on the same spot and even “invite” to join them. Sounds weird right? But it happens!

So we have resigned to the fact that we will never have permanent carpet in the living room and that we just have to stare at the marble flooring day in and day out. .. boring… lol!  However,  we do have some (carpet) on standby just in case we are entertaining and during which the kitties stay in their kitty room. When that happens, I just smile and enjoy my carpets as much as possible during that few hours before it goes back into storage.

Oh well.. the sacrifices you make for the ones you!


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