Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Each of us have a vision of what our dream home will be. From a huge kitchen to a cozy living room, some of us even want a swimming pool in the back yard. All that is wonderful but for me I want a little extra to make it my very own.

In my dream home I want a personal floor, not a room but a whole floor for myself. Fancy dream eh but then it is a dream.

On this floor, I want my own personal spa room with a mini sauna, a massage bed that I can lie while my masseuse massages my very tense shoulders away and a huge jacuzzi that I can soak in after a hard days work.. ahh.. such bliss.

I also want a room for my clothes, handbags and of course shoes in this very special floor. It has to be complete with full size couches that my friends and I can sit on while we yak about my very fashionable style, a few full length mirror that is angled to give full view of me in my outfit and course a stage for me to practise my walk.. ahahha.. dream on right?

Anyway, check out the image below and tell me if you agree with what is being stated. I for one agree one hundred percent!

A Woman's Dream Shoe Closet Infographic
Presented By Foot Petals


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