Sunday, May 05, 2013

Back in my schooling years, we don’t have lots of social events. Yeah we had the common stuff like sports days, teacher’s day concerts, children’s day concerts, school anniversary concerts but never events or parties like proms or homecoming dances or last day of school dances. Let’s not even talk of seasonal dances but then again I reckon because we don’t have seasons in Singapore right? lol!

Whatever it is, it wasn’t like I was missing anything simply because I didn’t know any better. Things like dances and parties were not in my vocabulary and definitely not in my social circle activities, so much so that even when I was junior college and there was a prom, me and my friends didn’t go.

That being said, if I was living in the now, I would so totally be into these those things. I love parties. I love socializing and I love dressing up. I am so a woman in that area. lol. Even as I am typing this I have some tabs open at some online store looking at nice dress shops in dallas or in the world for the matter. Check out these homecoming dresses dallas. Just imagine being crowned homecoming queen in the red piece.. Smoking!!

homecoming dresses

I am also loving their  bridesmaid dresses dallas  which is nice and flirty and so gorgeous  I don’t mind being a bridesmaid if these are the selections I can choose from. Honestly sometimes I think the brides purposely have ugly outfits for the bridesmaid just so they can shine that day right?
bridesmaid gowns

Anyhow, prom and homecoming might be over for me and as I don’t have a daughter I will never have a chance to go shopping for prom or homecoming dresses with her but there is nothing wrong with checking out the beautiful dresses that are on sale in the world wide web right.. so enjoy!


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