Saturday, July 20, 2013

It’s been a while since I catch up on one of my favorite shows, Gossip Girl. I mean what’s not to love about the show right? There’s Serena who looks great in everything she wears especially if she dolls up in one of her homecoming dresses to attend her endless events. Then there is Blair who is marrying a prince (or so at my last watch) and of course the evil villain Chuck, who actually is not evil after all.. lol! Oh and of course, there is that very complex storyline that only television can concoct.

Anyway, I wonder when will I ever get a chance to doll up like the ladies in Gossip Girl. It must be nice to go shopping all the time for new fancy clothes especially if it is at DressFirst. I absolutely love this piece and although there is plenty of colors to choose from, I think this emerald green is the best they have.

pretty gown

By the way, DressFirst also has many other gowns that you might need for your special event. From proms to homecoming, from wedding gowns to bridesmaid dresses, you are definitely spoilt for choice. Make sure you check them out ok!



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