Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Many businesses hire out their Internet marketing services. However, most do not truly understand how to gauge the success, or return on their investment, of the services they have contracted. It is easy for a business to lose sight of what is valuable to them and what is not. When a business understands how to gauge the success of their Internet marketing efforts, they will be far more empowered to make smart decisions regarding the services they are receiving.

Rankings Are Only a Leading Indicator
Although you will talk to your Internet marketing company a lot about the rankings, and watch them go up and down, this is not the end metric a business should be watching. It is important to understand that this is a leading indicator of a successful effort, but not the end result that is most important. Rankings really only indicate what a business may anticipate coming in the next month or two, not a measure of the true present success.

The Bottom Line Is the Target
At the end of the day, a business should be making money from the money invested in Internet marketing. If this is not happening, then it needs to be evaluated. Of course, there is going to be an investment and a period of losing money before money will be made from the investment. However, this is when looking at lead indicators can help assure a business that success is coming. Once a long enough period has gone by though, a business should be in the black and making money from the money invested each month.

The Importance of Metrics
Understanding that you will need to be able attribute a dollar value to the Internet marketing services you are receiving, you need to make sure things are set up from the beginning that will allow you to see what sales are coming from those efforts. Without this information, it is impossible to know if the services are producing a profit for your business. Work with the Internet marketing company to make sure they have set up the ability to track their success. Double check to make sure it is done correctly so you can accurately measure their success.


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