Thursday, September 26, 2013

Do you struggle with home or office organization? Almost everyone can do something to help their space be more organized. The advantages of home organization include the ability to find things you need when you need them, a clean look and feel to your home, and the ability to accomplish tasks without a hassle. In many homes, the guest bedroom also doubles as a home office. It can be hard to design a room that is not only welcoming and comfortable for your guests, but also provides the organization and function needed for an office space. You can solve this problem by converting dressers and cabinets from Salt Lake into transitional furniture.

Cabinet to Desk
One of the most important aspects of your office space is the desk. It is essential to have somewhere to work and store your computer and other necessary electronics. The best way to create a desk that can be stored away when guests arrive is by building it into a beautiful cabinet. Begin by selecting a cabinet that complements your d├ęcor. Then, add, remove, or reorganize the shelving to create a shelf large enough for your computer. You can even replace this shelf with a pullout version, although you can choose to just remove the bottom shelves as well. Next, you can stock the rest of the shelves with your desk supplies. Additionally, consider choosing a cabinet with drawers if you have a lot of supplies to store. This cabinet can be easily located in a corner of the room where the doors can be shut as soon as your guests arrive.

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Dresser to Filing Cabinet
In addition to your desk, most offices need space to store paperwork and other important documents. Traditionally, filing cabinets from Salt Lake aren’t very decorative. However, you can create your own filing cabinet by converting a dresser into a storage space. This can be as simple as knocking the bottom out of one of the drawers and adding metal file guides into the top drawer. This leaves you with a beautiful piece of furniture to complement your guest room!

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