Thursday, November 21, 2013

The great thing about kids is that they can keep themselves busy for quite a while as long as they’re having fun. If you need to host a birthday party, try not to worry about games or organization. Looking into your options at a San Jose jumper rentals location can save you a lot of planning and trouble. You can rent by theme, by size, or other functions.

Renting by Theme

One thing your birthday boy or girl is probably particular about is the theme. You can often choose what kind of jumper to get based on the theme. They have designs of certain cartoon characters like Dora the Explorer or Spongebob Squarepants. Broader themes like sports are often available, featuring football or basketball designs, as well as athletic hobbies like dirt biking. Inquire about the various thematic bounce houses that they offer, and see if the size is acceptable for the age of the guests. Oftentimes, the theme is just a banner placed on the front of the house, making any theme work on any sized house.

Renting by Size

Another thing you can look into is renting by size. If you’re hosting a lot of three-year-olds, you probably don’t need anything bigger than a standard 13×13-foot house. But older kids might like the more complex bounce houses. For example, some houses are modular, meaning they have different areas for the kids to play in. Some include a slide that you climb up and go down, and the entire thing is inflatable. Of course, the size that you choose also depends on the budget you are working with. Be sure to inquire about how size affects the price.

Renting by Other Features

If it’s a summer party, the kids could end up taking too many breaks or giving up jumping because of the heat. If this is the case where you live, consider getting an inflatable waterslide. There are slip ‘n slide houses as well as those that slide down into a pool. Consider the cost of water for this kind of functionality after you get a quote from a company providing San Jose jumper rentals.


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