Thursday, January 30, 2014

Me and Azwaj are on our second season of Arrow and we are loving it so far. Unlike some heroic shows, I find Arrow more realistic in the sense that this hero acknowledge he needs help in certain things and sometimes he does lose the villain and some innocent people do get killed. So anyone watched it yet?

This post is about the leading woman in the show, Laurel. Yeap she is the love of Oliver’s life but because of the circumstances, they can never be. Anyhow, in this second season, Laurel has definitely lost a lot of weight, so much so she is to the point of being skinny.. Me and Azwaj both agree that she looks so much better in the first season.

Check out the image below:

laurel arrow

and this screen captured one.

Arrow Laurel

What do you think? Too skinny right?


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