Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Do you need to pick out a tux to wear to the prom? Maybe you are looking for one to wear in a wedding, either your own wedding or one that you are in for someone else. No matter why you need to get a tux, you have to be able to choose the right one. There are many different things to consider, and finding the ideal outfit is only possible if you think through each different aspect.

1. The Size
It starts with the size of the tux. You have to get measured by a professional because they need special measurements for a tux. You cannot just go in, tell them what size of pants you wear, and assume that they will be able to find you something that fits. Getting measured should also be the first step because it helps you see what tuxes are even available for you to rent.

2. The Main Color
Next, you have to pick the main color. Black is the most traditional and the most expected out of all of them. However, you may be looking to make a splash and get some attention. Many people rent tuxes in different colors, like pink or green, when they want to stand out. You have to decide what your end goal is and where you are going to be wearing the tux. Of course, the type that you would pick for the prom could be very different than what you would pick to wear in a wedding.

3. The Secondary Color
You then have to pick the secondary color, which will be used on things like the vest or the undershirt. It may also be present on the bow tie and the cummerbund. This color acts as a highlight. Typically, you will wear white, but you can pick from a whole host of other colors. Wedding parties will often use the secondary color to tie in with the color of the dresses that the girls are wearing in the bridal party.

4. The Accessories
The last thing to consider is what accessories you want. You can get a bow tie and a cummerbund, as mentioned above, and you can also get cufflinks and things of that nature. It is up to you, but these things are going to add a lot to the overall style of the outfit, so they should match your other choices.



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