Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It’s the right of every U.S. citizen to bear arms, but unless you’re careful about where you’re keeping them, this inalienable right can turn into tragedy. So what if you’re ready to take responsibility for your guns by keeping them safely stowed away? Here are five things to keep in mind before you lay down money on a gun safe.

1: Purpose

The first thing to consider is why you’re in the market for a gun safe in the first place. Are you just trying to keep your firearms out of the hands of your children? Because if that’s the case, a locked cabinet will do. However, if you’re thinking more about fire hazards and flood protection, you should consider something more disaster-proof, like heavy gauge steel.

2: Size

Where will you be keeping your gun safe? It’s no use buying something that won’t fit in the back of the closet if that’s the only area of your home where you can store it. You’ll also need to consider the size of your guns themselves, like how many will fit, if there’s room for more in the future, et cetera.

3: Weight

Many burglars will grab a safe and flee, only bothering to crack it later, once they’re out of the hot zone. A nice heavy safe will prevent them from getting far with your property. On the other hand, if you anticipate lots of transportation for your safe, like if you’re on the road for a gun show and keeping your safe in the trunk, you’ll want something lighter and more portable so you don’t kill your back unloading and re-loading.

4: Material

As noted above, heavy gauge steel is one of your best bets for firearm safety. The tougher the steel, the lower the gauge number. 12 gauge steel is what you’ll see most often in gun safes because it’s the least expensive among heavy-duty models, but 10 gauge steel is stronger and more resistant to flame and axes. Check out sites like GunSafesNow.com to explore your options when it comes to gun safe construction.

5: Locks

When all other things are considered, there’s nothing more important in a safe than its lock. The good kind will come with two or three locking mechanisms at the very least, and the really good kind will also offer failsafes and back-ups for extreme theft prevention. If you want to protect your children, your property and your Second Amendment rights, make sure you choose a strong, long-lasting gun safe.

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