Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Whether you are looking for something small to show your appreciation for a group or need something to give to an organization to recognize membership status, lapel pins are an idea. These small pins have come a long way in showing designs for various groups. You can get a few to give a small class, or you can order blank pins that you can customize and sell.


When you customize pins, you can make them showcase any brand you can imagine. One of the ways that you can showcase the pins that you make is at a trade show or industry event. Set up a table at the event so that you can display the pins as well as examples of brands that can be placed on the pins. You need to have prices where people can see them as well as a variety of sizes of the brands that can be made. This is a great way to reach numerous people at one time. You can have business cards to give to people or even a small brochure with examples of sizes and prices.

Another idea for lapel pins is charity organizations and fundraisers. If there is a special charity that you want to support, then consider donating the money raised from the sales of pins with the logo of the charity to the organization. The pins are a way to hold a fundraiser as you can sell the pins for a church or school. You can either have a box of pins for people to buy, or you can make an order sheet so that people can place an order for a specific pin. Keep a percentage of the money raised, and then give the rest to the group. If there is a sports banquet or school group such as an honor society, you can make pins the members. The pins can be attached to a certificate so that the member can keep the pin as a memento of hard work. They can also be attached to ribbons. Learn more about the pins by looking at information online.

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