Sunday, September 21, 2014

It’s been a while since I got myself a new watch and the watch that I am wearing right now was a birthday present from dearest Azwaj from 2000! I am not complaining mind you coz I love it so much as it is so versatile and I can wear it anywhere.

Anyhow, since I already have a nice watch, my next watch have to be nicer  and somewhat different from the one that I already got. Well my latest watch is all that and more! Have you ever heard of a line of wood watches, hand crafted from 100% natural wood and produced from sustainable materials from all around the world. I haven’t until I visited Jord and when I saw their Ely Series Wood Watch Collection, I simply have to have it!

It is definitely one of a kind and when I got it in the mail a few days back I simply fell in love.  The site says that I would grin for no apparent reason when I look at it and you know what? I did and still am whenever I wear it and get compliments from everyone that I show it off to. It’s a great conversation piece because it is so unconventional for sure!

My new watch is chic, sexy, compact, fashionable and so light that I sometimes forgot I was wearing a watch.  The workmanship is also superb and meticulously made. Just check it out below and better yet visit their site and see their other collection and get one for yourself right now.

Jord Word Watches


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