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Jewelry is often used to make a statement. The wide variety of fine jewelry available allows people to capture a piece of their personality in the bracelet, ring or other piece of ornaments they wear. Some personalities prefer visually outspoken pieces; others prefer fine subtleties to their rings, watches and necklaces.

For a truly personal touch and for something that helps define them, many are turning to coin jewelry. For example, a person placing a high priority on protecting wildlife and endangered animals may have a necklace made using a commemorative panda coin, as the panda is the symbol for endangered species. Those seeking to carry a religious ornament may have a bracelet made from a coin depicting a crucifix or a patron saint.

Others may see a rare coin encased in precious metals and worn as carrying a piece of history with them. Many coins were minted to memorialize a historical event or an important person in history. Rather than keeping the historical piece in a drawer or a safe, it can be displayed on their person and become a conversation piece. Coin pieces usually catch the eye of a friend or associate.

Coin jewelry can be made into any number of things:

  • Necklaces
  • Pendants
  • Bracelets or charms
  • Money clips
  • Watch faces

Fine jewelers will normally encase the coin in precious metals to highlight the coin selected. Gold, silver and platinum are good choices. The pieces are often made in the jeweler’s shop and can be custom made with coins owned by the purchaser, or by coins selected by the jeweler.

Before retaining a jeweler to make a piece of coin jewelry, a purchaser should inspect some of his or her work. Look for quality in the piece and the ingenuity employed by the maker. A rare coin deserves a proper setting and one experienced in making coin pieces will have an idea of how the coin should be set. Inspecting the previous pieces made will often give the buyer ideas on how they want their piece to look. For an idea on how well a rare coin can look when transformed into a personal ornament, click here.

Coin Jewelery


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