Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It can be hard to find that special someone once you’re past the age of meeting people in bars or through shared classes or workspaces. But don’t give up hope just yet! You can still find love even during your twilight years, and here are seven tips for making it happen.

1. Prepare Yourself

You need to be in the right mindset before you strike out on your search for The One. For example, if you’re still reeling from a divorce, you might not be psychologically prepared to tackle another relationship so soon. If your partner just passed away, you should grieve before you rebound.

2. Determine Your Emotional Needs

What are you hoping to achieve with a new relationship? Are you looking for a long-term courtship or just someone to pass the time with now that you’ve retired? Could you ever see yourself getting married again? Don’t enter a new relationship without understanding your own wants, desires, priorities and limits.

3. Get Online

This is one of the big reasons why over 60 dating works. Instead of having mature singles spread across the globe with no way to communicate with one another, senior dating sites can put you in touch with people just like you. With enough digging, you can even find specialty sites based on things like hobbies, religion or marital status.

4. Join the Community

Not all interaction needs to be in the digital realm, however. You can often find available singles just by keeping an open eye at your usual haunts. For example, you might hear about an available lady where you attend church, or you might meet a silver-haired fox during poker night at your local senior citizen activity center.

5. Enlist Your Friends

Let your friends and family know that you’re on the market. For one, they might be acquainted with someone else who’s also looking for love; even more importantly, they’ll be a good support system for you. Whether you strike out or hit a home run in the world of dating, they’ll be behind you with love, encouragement and care.

6. Conquer Your Nerves

It’s okay to feel nervous before your first date, especially if you haven’t been on one since the Beatles were still selling out concert halls. This is completely natural and normal, so don’t be ashamed of it. The other person will probably be just as shifty and awkward as you are, and it might even be something the two of you can laugh about over dinner.

7. Never Give Up

Not every date is successful. Not every partner is “The One.” Don’t get discouraged if you’ve gone out a couple of times to no avail. It isn’t a reflection on you or your age, and your prospects of success have nothing to do with how old you are. People can have a bad date at any period in their lives. The most important thing is to pick yourself up and keep going afterwards.

These are just a few tips for finding love as a mature adult. It’s never too late to share your life with someone, and in the time of the Internet, it’s easier than ever to find like-minded people with the same age and the same values. Good luck!

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