Friday, August 07, 2015

We live in a tenuous time politically when the right to fly the red, white and blue on our country’s flag is considered more of an exception than the rule. More than ever in history, now is the time to support our troops, wherever they may be, and fly our American flag, with dignity and humility at what the flag actually stands for.

Flag Store USA started like most small businesses. Located in Connecticut, the doors were opened in 1971 with the sole intention of making the finest quality flags available to everyone. They also sell flagpoles and all accessories to insure that you are able to demonstrate your patriotism in whatever you feel led. The store still stands in its original location, but the door have opened wider since the management of Flag Store USA realized that, by advertising on the web, the customer base could be multiplied by thousands. And it has been.

When you are ready to order a flag, after browsing the site and seeing all of the available options, the person who helps you will either be the owner, Rob or his wife, Maureen, or one of two employees who have been with the store almost as long as his been open. No pre-recorded messages or customer service representatives – the owners take pride in working hands on with the family business. Being part of it helps them to know that the business will go on as planned – no changes from the original pride and intent of the store that was opened.

Flag Store USA has continued growing year after year. They are proud to pay homage to our country and our troops by selling not just American flags, but armed forces flags as well. The flags, flagpoles and all accessories are the finest quality available. They take pleasure in personally packaging every order and truly appreciate every purchase made. Most of their finest repeat customers are military men and women who truly appreciate the privilege of being an American.

There may be other businesses that sell flags, but there is no finer place to purchase your flag or the accessories that accompany it. Your flag is made in the USA, made with pride and sold with complete patriotism to every client. To find out more, click here and get familiar with Rob and Maureen and find exactly the flag that speaks for you.

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