Saturday, November 07, 2015

There’s a new effort in charity that’s helping to bring cities to life. Rather than just giving people money or giving them something to eat, the new effort is based around the prospect of giving people something to do and something to hope for. Specifically, many charities are now finding out that one of the best ways to promote hope and liveliness in a city is to use music. Specifically, street pianos have become a major think in cities across the country. In cities like New York, Denver, and even Kansas City, street pianos are popping up to provide people with purpose.

The idea behind the street pianos in New York is relatively simple. These are pianos that are donated by various charity groups. They are sometimes painted in wild colors in order to draw attention. They’re then put in random places around cities, hoping to draw random piano players who will provide the city with lively music. In many cities, musicians will come to play for free, just giving the people a show that they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten to experience.

One of the upsides of the street pianos is the ability to give the homeless something to do with their time. In some cities, homeless people receive lessons on how to play those pianos from random musicians. This, in turn, can allow the homeless people to make money from people passing by who appreciate the music. In addition, the project celebrates the goodness of music and how it connects all people. People of all different backgrounds can come to appreciate good music that comes out of a piano set on a street somewhere. The basic premise behind the pianos is to connect people and get them thinking about their shared humanity.

There is, of course, a second benefit to the street pianos. In many places, these pianos help to bring a life and exuberance to the city that might not have otherwise existed before. This can attract people into downtown areas, helping businesses meet their goals. It’s the sort of win-win situation that has long been the goal of many charities around cities like New York. With the new street pianos, those charities seem to be hitting a home run, adding something for everyone while providing purpose and meaning for people who would otherwise have very little to cling to.

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