Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Feng Shui, if you happen not to know about is, is an ancient Chinese philosophy that helps and gives advice for people on everyday life matters. You can use these pieces of information for your room d├ęcor, lifestyle. But you can also use them while looking for clothing or just at your wardrobe in general. And today I am going to share a few most important tips for a well-balanced wardrobe according to this philosophy. To use it or not is your choice, but no matter if you believe this stuff or not, it can affect your life without even noticing. So maybe – give it a shot!

  • You should start with the total reorganizing of your wardrobe. Feng Shui suggests that you should throw away all the old and ripped clothing. Also, if you have some pieces that make you remember bad memories – definitely throw that away as well! This clothing keeps all the bad energy that you don’t need in your life. And it also takes space in your wardrobes since you are probably not wearing them either. Also, get rid of all the clothing you bought a few sizes smaller with the intention to fit in one day. That only reminds you of bad times, and this is not what you need in life at all.

  • While reorganizing your wardrobe also take enough time thinking if you want to keep all the black clothing, you own as well. As Feng Shui says, black is a color of authority and is worn by judges and members of the clergy – and it makes you feel powerful sometimes as well. But black also associates with sadness and mourning. That attracts bad energy you don’t need. I don’t suggest you get rid of all the black pieces, but at least try wearing just one accent rather than the whole black outfit. You will be able to enjoy black the same, but without attracting bad thoughts and energy to you.

Black clothing

  • Another thing you should take a look at while working on your clothing and wardrobe is how many red clothing pieces you own. Feng Shui proposes that more read colored clothing you wear – the more good energy you attract and the more successful you become. Moreover, red symbolizes prosperity, fame and relationships, and it is also considered to be romantic in our culture! So then you are going to a date, or even to a serious business meeting, pulling a bright red shirt can affect your mood and the way you present yourself. So, maybe a little red dress and a few different tops can make it to your wardrobe the next time you shop?

Red clothing

So, if you are inspired for a change, let’s get to shopping part now! A good wardrobe consists of new bad-energy-free clothing! Thus grab these great deals and coupons for Neiman Marcus right away and get new bright and powerful clothing now! I believe that your mood and life are going to change, and that is all thanks to a few new clothing that you bought online so cheap! Have fun!


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