Friday, November 20, 2015

Well hello again, bloggers and blog readers, we’re finally at the end of the week! It’s been quite a long one hasn’t it? Not to worry though because the weekend is here. I don’t know about you but I’ll probably spend a good section of mine listening to my favourite tunes. If you’re new to this blog you may have already noticed that I adore music. I’ve even got an entire section dedicated to sharing some of my favourite tracks. But, I thought since it is Friday it would be fun to share with you some of my favourite female musicians. I’ll also tell you why I love them so much and what they mean to me.

  1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
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If you’ve been working out this year and you haven’t been listening to “Shake It Off” you’re doing it wrong. Definitely one of the biggest reasons that I love Taylor Swift’s music is the sheer joy behind it. Okay, it’s clear she wasn’t always having fun writing these songs but the energy behind them is captivating. Are they all especially deep? No, of course not and maybe the girl is a little overrated. But it’s been a while since someone has put so much fun back into the music industry. Besides a little guy hating never hurt anyone did it? Unfortunately Taylor Swift has mentioned she now plans to take a break from music for a while and that means no new album next year. Say it isn’t so! But I’m sure she’ll be back because, well they always are.

2) Adele


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I have a theory that when musicians find happiness, they stop writing good music. I thought this would be particularly true for female artists who had a talent for writing about love. Music is passion and passion comes from torment and heartbreak. If you look at some of the best musicians you’ll notice they’ve all had their fair share of heartbreak. It’s why I hope Taylor Swift doesn’t settle down until we’ve got a few more albums from her. Needless to say Adele has blown my theory out of the water. Hello is one of her best songs of all time and perhaps one of the best songs of this year. Is anyone else wishing she had been chosen to write another wonderful bond theme or is it just me?

3) Ariana Grande


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Why is Ariana Grande one of my favourite musicians? It’s quite simple really. We need a new Mariah Carey. If you listen to their voices they are remarkably similar and Ariana Grande has had some awesome songs. I loved the spin of Popular from Wicked that she did Mika and Problem was just incredibly fun. I’m hoping to see more great things from her in the future. But perhaps she’ll start to focus more on acting. After all, she does seem to be having a lot of fun playing her part on Scream Queens.

4) Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

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Last but not least, is Carrie Underwood. She definitely represents one of the few successes to come out of reality singing competitions. The woman writes incredibly beautiful music. While I love her new album, my favourite will always be “Jesus Takes The Wheel.” I don’t think I’ve ever got through it without shedding at least one tear.


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