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Many of us have an obsession with celebrities. We might have favorite singers, actors, or just people who are famous for being famous. While plenty of people go about their day without ever caring about famous people, others are much more interested. If you have a favorite musician or actor, you probably want to know as much as you can about them. That doesn’t mean you necessarily want to learn all about their private life. But maybe you wish to hear everything they’re willing to tell you. There are severals ways you can find out all about the people you admire. Try the things below to learn more about the celebrities you love most.


Daniel Oines

Read Biographies and Autobiographies

Celebrities often write books about their lives and careers. These autobiographies can be an excellent source to discover as much as possible. They might write about their childhood or different stages of their career. Some books are very focused on what they do for work, whereas others are much more personal. You can also read biographies written by other people. These might be written by someone who is a close friend, or perhaps an expert in the field. When you choose which books to read, it’s best to look for approved biographies. You then know that the information will be more accurate. However, even autobiographies might not be completely accurate, especially if they’re ghost-written.

Follow Them on Social Media

The age of social media has made it much easier to get closer to your favorite celebrities. You can like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. Some people have their accounts run by a PR person, rather than doing it themselves. Others might not use their social media channels very often. But some celebrities make excellent use of their different pages, and they can give you insight into their lives. Following them on social media allows you to see their personal thoughts and feelings about different matters. Although this can get them in hot water, it can be exciting. You could even end up having a conversation with them, and have them follow you back.


Davide D’Amico

Check Their Stats and Background

You don’t have to read books to find out the essentials about someone famous. If you want to learn all the basic information about them, you can check heightline and other sites. You can find their physical statistics, such as their height, weight and hair and eye color. There are also places to read about their family and origins. You can learn all about their background online. Many people use Wikipedia to learn about people, but you have to be careful. Just about anyone can change an article, so you could end up with inaccurate information.

Watch, Listen to and Read Interviews

If you want to hear things straight from your favorite celeb’s mouth, pay attention to their interviews. They should do plenty of them when they’re promoting their work. But work won’t be all they talk about, and they’ll reveal other tidbits too. Keep track of when they’re going to be on TV or do an interview for a magazine or YouTube video. You can set up a Google Alert with their name, so the latest news comes straight to your inbox.


Doug Kerr

Get Involved with Other Fans

Joining in with other fans of a particular celebrity can have pros and cons. On the plus side, you can all share information you learn and photos you find. However, it can also mean that rumors will easily break out. You can trust someone when they pass on some information, but it could turn out to be completely untrue. If you do swap stories with other fans, you should try to get sources to back up what people are saying. It will help you avoid believing things that aren’t accurate.

Analyze Their Work

Celebrities don’t just walk around being famous all the time – or, at least, most of them don’t. Most of them have day jobs, whether that’s acting, making music, or something else. You can learn a lot about them through their work. And presumably, what they do is a big part of why you like them! For example, you might spend time listening to the lyrics of a songwriter’s new album. You might pay attention to their acting choices in one of their movies or take a closer look at their novels.

You can learn a lot about a celebrity without ever getting too invasive. Use all of these methods and you’ll soon know about all your favorite people.

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